Raison d’etre


Someone say, rain brings back memories from the past instantly. Well, it is. It’s personality of gloomy and grizzly. Makes rain is the best situation when you are in the mood swings. Me personally, when I’m depressed of thinking about -I don’t know why on earth I can get depressed, the climax is, me on the blanket crying out loud in the middle of the rain swift outside.  Every pictures from the past popping out like crazy magnifying my sadness. Increasing my tears drop until I get wheezing.  I know that’s sound weird, because I’m crying without a reason, but I thought that maybe because I’m not crying a lot recently for the last 3 months. Some kind like I have to release it even I don’t want to.  And rainy, is the perfect situation mixed with tears and sadness. Well practically, that’s what a rainy day does to me –pretty awful, huh. How about you?


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