A conservative parents is such a fret. Because mine is really embracing an eastern culture and applying those way of life to all their children. Actually i don’t have a big problem with that. But when it turns out to be things that i extremely want, and this culture-things blocking up my way, that’s where the problem arise.

This cultural issues is a problem that occurs in every man in the world. And my little tiny problem is not a big deal than the people feel out there. But, c’mon, i just want a holiday with my bf in his town. It’s only 10 hours trip approximately, and i’ll stay at the hotel not in his parents house anyway. What’s with the self-esteem as a woman do, dad? I believe his parents is not like what you think. Not every parents in this world have a certain thought like you. Trust me, it’s just you over-dramatic about this cultural issues.

Sorry guys, i’m just too pissed.


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