LDR? No, thanks.

I do believe that is not only time will changes love, distance too. That’s why I will never ever do the LDR kind of thing. It’s fragile and also I have a little trauma regarding trust issues with people. So, either we broke up and move on for good or you take me wherever you go. That’s it.

Well, I watched this indie movie called ‘10.000 KM’. About a couple who has been living together for years in Barcelona. One day the girl received an email from Los Angeles that she got the scholarship her friend had submitted for her a month ago. Surprised, happy, no plan and confused.

One said LDR is a challenge, if you could pass it through your relationship is going to the next level, unbreakable. Which I can happily answer, that is a total bullshit. Sorry. Anyway, so the girl decided to take the scholarship for a year and the man playing the good-and-wise-kinda-boyfriend by letting her go.

Next, as predicted things were getting harder day by day. Loneliness, SKYPE’s poor connection, new friends and so on are some of their obstacles. And the biggest one, of course, trust issues. How can you not have a fling when your partner is miles away? Doesn’t mean I might have done it, but well we’re human after all right.

Despite the LDR theme, 10.000 KM is not a romantic movie you have ever watched before. I loved how the story goes smoothly until the finale. Go watch it.


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