Cool Before It Was Cool

Meet my gramps. He was one of the cool guys I’ve ever known. I mean real cool. I lived with my grandparents once I was in junior school and he died when I was in 8th grade. His collectable attitude and gentleman manner has always made me wondering how cool he would be when he was young.

Gramps in America!

Gramps Familia

He was born in a quite wealthy family under half Javanese and Sundanese royal family ancestry runs on his blood. Beside the influences of Dutch culture at that time, his decision to study in America has made his lifestyle changed. Other than photography and music, I guess he also loved to drink. When I was 7 years old I remember I used to play around his small bar. Even the crystal bottle for whiskey and his martini glasses and shots collection are neatly stored in my grams teak dressoir.

Recently I just realized, even now he’s long gone but he set my type of man high. His cool yet warm personality is the thing that I hardly find in a man these days. But luckily, I found a very slight similarity on my current boyfriend. Well, let’s not get carried away and keep the high expectation low.

Anywaaay… I kind of miss my gramps right now. Hope he’s waiting for us and the world to end in peace. Love you, gramps!


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