Her Inspirational Artists

When it comes to art, I must say I’m a big fan of Japanese animation illustration. Say, Hayao Miyazaki. You must have known him. Yes, the father of GhibliStudio. Maybe you’ll find it too childish for my age but wait after I spill another Japanese manga artists I like the most. Here you go…

Taiyo Matsumoto

I just started reading Sunny online while saving my money to buy the original manga book (why imported books have to be so costly in Indonesia?!). One of his famous works is Tekkonkinkreet. I haven’t read the manga though, but I have watched the anime and it’s beyond ultra cool! His illustration style is so expressive, alive, very captivating with unbelievable details. As a Virgo, I am the mother of perfection. My appreciation for any detailed works is endless. Even for his other work that isn’t too detail you could still see his authentic scratch.


Nimura Daisuke

Next, one of the Japanese illustrators who created the whimsical animated gif that’ll make you smile and made your day. Nimura’s sweet yet rude drawings represent Japanese youth. I love them.

Nimura Daisuke

Seiichi Hayashi

Okay, so this might be the oldest manga artist I liked. He is best known for his lyrical manga called Garo. Some of his works were the first manga that crossed over into art in Japan in the late 60s. His drawing styles and techniques derived from animation to traditional Japanese art. Some of his well-known works are Red Colored Elegy and Gold Pollen.

Seiichi Hayashi

Seiichi Hayashi


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