A Bookworm who lived in a Bus Shelter

So, I have been busy adapting in the new office lately. It’s like a whirlwind, no, faster than a whirlwind. Too much to cope, I feel like my head has been sucked out of my neck. And always went home with half empty brain that can only be fulfilled with a perfect 8 hours of sleep. No more, no less.

From a 5 minutes rides to the office, now I need to spare about half an hour to one hour to get into the office on time and 90 minutes to go home by bus. Well, surprisingly I can find my golden moment to read in the bus. This used to be my old habit when I was in a uni back then.

As for me, weekends are for dating and family, that’s why I rarely touch any books on the weekend. So, reading on the way back home after hour is one of the precious ways to finish a book. Dull lights, rough driver, Jakarta traffic madness, anger, unbearable heat are the obstacles I should hardly ignore when I’m reading in the bus. And believe me, if you’re not into the book you’re reading, better read another one. It’s useless. You’re gonna read the same page over and over.

Not that I asked for a private driver or taxi for a better reading space. Perhaps all I need is a much much better public transportation. Yes. MRT? Hm, I don’t know where will I work in the future, if I still work in my current workplace then I definitely not gonna use it (even though I’m one of those people who breathed the dust from MRT construction every morning).

FYI, my bus is so unbelievably rare. I can wait 2 hours approximately for it to come! I have no idea why but the rumor said, our beloved governor will change all the old buses with the new ones (with AC and better lightning, thank God!). So, they are pulling all the old buses from the street and forgetting me who still waiting on the bus shelter…

Anyway, I hope the transitions or whatever they’re planning to do for a better public transportation in Jakarta isn’t too long-winded. As a ‘warga-yang-taat-bayar-pajak’ who spend most of her time in a bus shelter, all I wanted is a good condition bus with better lights passing every hour or every minute to pick me up. :’)



‘A Bookworm who lived in a Bus Shelter’



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